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Safety to Tips to Remember When Hosting a Yacht Party

Hosting a Yacht Party? Make Sure to Cover These Basics First

Safety is a priority when sailing or hosting a yacht party. As a host, everyone’s safety is your responsibility. With a lot to prepare, it’s possible to miss a few necessary things, but safety measures should be on top of your list. How to make sure that everyone can enjoy a safe and fun party at a yacht? Here are some safety tips to always consider.

  • Research about the weather.

    The weather can be your most unpredictable enemy when it comes to partying, especially on the sea in a boat or yacht. Before preparing everything else, make sure to check the weather on the schedule of your party. Read local news or weather forecast in advance before deciding to celebrate in a party boat in California.

  • Prepare a checklist.

    Before setting sail for a yacht charter in California, write down all the things you need pre-departure. Specifically, ask weather-related questions like, what is the weather forecast for the day? Are there any yacht or boat defects that I should know? Is there a sufficient amount of food and water for everyone? Write down all of these questions and be sure you have all the right answers before departure.

  • Choose the right yacht.

    TiKi Mermaid is a boat rental in Marina del Rey California, committed to providing experience to remember, specifically for company parties, holiday parties, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, prom night, and more! In response to COVID-19, we also implemented protocols to help ensure the health and safety of our guests and crews. Whether you want to choose from our packages or customize your event to fit your requirements, it all depends on your preferences. Contact us at (310) 410-TIKI (8454) today.

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