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Sail into tradition and celebration!

At the TiKi Mermaid, we understand the importance of a Bat/Bar Mitzvah celebration, and our dedicated event planners are here to ensure every detail is thoughtfully executed. From the personalized decor to the exceptional catering, we will create a unique and meaningful experience that reflects your family’s values and traditions.

Surrounded by the stunning coastal scenery, your young one will embark on this transformative journey surrounded by loved ones, friends, and the shimmering waters. Let us help you craft an unforgettable Bat/Bar Mitzvah celebration that will be cherished by your family and guests for years to come.

Not Sure Where to Start?


With our customizable options and attention to detail, we will ensure that your Bat/Bar Mitzvah becomes an unforgettable event that your friends and family will treasure forever. Call us to get started!