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Private Cruise in Marina Del Rey, CA

Impress your clients, strengthen your team, celebrate an achievement, a company anniversary, or thank your vendors. Company parties always make for an enjoyable get-together among colleagues. Hosting such an event aboard one of our yachts will make a lasting impression!

Extraordinary Celebrations

Move out of the office and virtual meetings and onto one of our exotic yachts! Plan your next company party or networking event with the TiKi Mermaid. We make planning your event effortless and can take care of everything, including food, bar services, and music. We make every effort to work with your vendors. Choose from our packages or customize your event to fit your requirements.

Chilled Cruising

Our yachts travel inside the soothing harbor of Marina del Rey, surrounded by miles of scenic waterways, including beautiful views of Santa Monica Bay and the Los Angeles coastline. Always a smooth, relaxing ride, our yachts offer multiple decks with both indoor and outdoor areas to wine and dine. Tiki Mermaid yacht charter events are fun for all!

Our event planners look forward to working with you to create the perfect function for your organization! We will make planning your event effortless.

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