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Corporations’ Retirement Party Etiquette

Corporations’ Retirement Party Etiquette

Is your corporation hosting a retirement party for one of its employees? Whether the venue is on land or sea in a yacht charter in California, knowing and applying etiquettes for this kind of party wouldn’t hurt. Here are some:

  • Don’t talk about job problems.

    Save that stuff in the office. When you are in a party boat in California or another fancy venue, might as well savor a sight of the place and a moment with your coworkers.

  • Don’t talk about yourself too much.

    Generally, this is one general professional advice. Give others a chance to talk about themselves by asking questions about them. If you’re not the only retiree being celebrated, share the spotlight with others. Also, let your retirement speech not be too long. Overall, avoid dominating conversations.

  • Do not get drunk.

    While it’s okay to drink a few, watch how much. Do not get inebriated. You can still enjoy the party without getting out of control.

  • Avoid bringing children.

    You might want to share with your young ones the fun at the party but it’s best that you leave kids at home.

  • The rule of bringing extra guests.

    Some companies require payment for additional guests. If you’re bringing one or some, make sure to ask your company beforehand if you have to pay or not.

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