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Quick Facts of How Halloween Came to Be

Quick Facts of How Halloween Came to Be

Halloween’s just around the corner. And right now, a plan for a Halloween party might be on the works. You probably already have a few choices of venue places, which could include a party boat in California. You might also be deciding on what costume you’re going to put on for the said party.

But, before we focus on the festivities, here are some quick facts of how Halloween came to be.

  • It originated from Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival celebrating the end of harvest and the start of their new year and the cold winter season.
  • Pope Gregory III moved the date of the observance from May 13 to its current date.
  • The name Halloween comes from two words: “hallows” meaning holy, and “een,” which is a contraction for even, or eve.

Now that you know about some history of Halloween, are you even more pumped up for your upcoming party? Still not satisfied? Try making your party stand out by getting a yacht charter in California.

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