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Why Marina del Rey Is the Best Place to Visit in Los Angeles

Why Marina del Rey Is the Best Place to Visit in Los AngelesFamous for its beach-style homes, beautiful harbor, the beach itself, and the Marina Peninsula – Marina del Rey proves to be the best place to visit in Los Angeles, especially for people who wants to commune with the beauty of the waters and the captivating harbor. Marina del Rey is located in Los Angeles country in California state. It is composed of a seaside community with about 1.541 or 40.91% of waters. Some of the points of interest at Marina del Rey are the Fisherman’s Village, Yvonne Burke Park, Ballona Wetlands, Chace Park, Lloyd Taber Marina del Rey Library, and UCLA (University of California – Los Angeles) Marina Aquatic Center. But among all the points of interest in Marina del Rey, the marina harbor is conceivably the best attraction people ought to experience.

The central feature of Marina del Rey is the marina harbor, from which Marina del Rey took its name. It is the world’s largest man-made harbor, specially designed with jetties for pleasure crafts, yachts, and boats, which according to Los Angeles Times, “the county’s most valuable resource.” Marina del Rey will inspire your occasion on the water while enjoying the pleasant community with boats, yachts, and beaches.

If you wish to relax, you can enjoy the harbor cruise with the breathtaking scenery. Tiki Mermaid can tour you across the beautiful harbor with different cruise features and reasonably priced packages ideal for different kinds of events, from small parties, private dining, to large party venues. Tiki Mermaid is a boat rental in Marina del Rey, we also provide first-rate yacht charter and varied party boat services in California perfect for a party of your preferred theme. You can enjoy cruising with an elegant amenity in the gorgeous harbor of Los Angeles California. Aside from the beautiful places and engaging water activities, Tiki Mermaid is definitely one of the reasons why Marina del Rey is the best place to visit in Los Angeles.

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