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What to Pack for Your Next Yacht Charter


Packing for a yacht charter in California can be a source of stress and confusion for first-time charterers. If you are going on a charter soon, it helps to know what to pack and which items you do not need to bring to enjoy and maximize the experience. Hence, we will share the essential items you need to bring for your upcoming charter:

  • Travel Documents
    Travel documents are necessary if you are chartering abroad. This includes essential travel documents, like your passport, visa, tickets, and other forms of identification, like your driver’s license. Cash and credit cards may also be necessary if you will be sailing through international waters.
  • Different Types of Clothes
    When you are in a party boat in California, it helps to bring more than one swimsuit. While there is no dress code, it helps to have more than one bathing suit in case you want to go for a swim several times in one day. It also helps to bring a lightweight sweater since the open sea breeze can be especially cold at night.

    Moreover, don’t forget to pack versatile footwear options. This is especially useful when you find yourself hopping from the sea to your shoreside excursions.

  • Basic Medications
    Aside from your prescription medications, be sure to bring basic medications for seasickness. This may also include over-the-counter medication for allergies in case you experience an allergic reaction on board.

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