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Theme Ideas for a Yacht Party in Los Angeles

Theme Ideas for a Yacht Party in Los Angeles

Thinking of hosting a party for a special occasion? Consider holding your next party on a party boat in California and spice things up by adding an awesome theme for your event. Make your event twice interesting by making it a chance for your guests to dress up and party.

Climb aboard our yacht charter in California and impress your guests with any of the following themes fit for your event.

  • Hollywood Glamour (Red Carpet)
    This is a classic theme, but one that never runs out of style — perfect for corporate dinner parties. The guests can rock the night in any red-carpet-worthy costumes, from sparkly dresses and bow ties and tuxedos. Get your inspiration from Hollywood stars.
  • Back to the ‘80s
    This one fits for the bold and adventurous souls. The ‘80s was an era of neon colors, funky fashion, extreme hairstyles, and great music. Choosing what to wear is a no-brainer for this theme. The outfits from this decade are all iconic and unforgettable. Say hello to spandex, ripped tights, turtlenecks, and oversized accessories! Travel back in time and relive the marvel that is the 80’s.
  • Arabian Nights Theme
    Authentic, dazzling, and luxurious — this is your kaleidoscope type of party. An Arabian Nights theme will transform your party into a whole-new-world with an explosion of colors. As for the outfits, look to Jasmine and Aladdin as your style gurus.

Pumped up yet? Tiki Mermaid can help you plan your most awesome party yet! As a luxury boat rental in Marina del Rey California, we can always customize your event based on your party needs. Call us now!

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