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The Most Important Questions to Ask Before Your Boat Party

The Most Important Questions to Ask Before Your Boat Party

We at Tiki Mermaid, the leading yacht charter in California, know that while we have the boat and the accommodations to take every party and get-together to the next level, it just wouldn’t be the same when someone is suddenly sick due to an allergy or seasickness.

Thus, make sure to ask the crucial questions before sailing away. Here are some of the most important questions to ask:

  • Is anyone seasick?

    Anyone who has seasickness can’t possibly enjoy a party aboard a boat rental in Marina del Rey California, so make sure to ask your guests ahead.

    If you’re making this a surprise event, ask someone close to the celebrant about this. If the celebrant has seasickness, know if medications can do the trick, or if you would have to cancel all together and choose another venue.

  • Are there preferences on anything?

    Personal preferences are one thing, but it’s another when the preferences are due to a medical condition. Make sure to know exactly what these preferences are and prepare for them ahead.

  • What allergies do your guests have?

    Trust us, a medical emergency on a party boat in California isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Avoid this by asking everyone if anyone has allergies and how serious their cases are.

Don’t hesitate to ask your guests about other related questions which may affect the flow of your party. Always prioritize health conditions and arrange for accommodation and assistance ahead.

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