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Spend Your Honeymoon Vacation on a Yacht


A wedding is a precious moment for you and your spouse. However, going through it can also be exhausting that you can’t help but look forward to your honeymoon vacation to relax.

Here is the big question — how do you want to spend your honeymoon vacation? It’s possible that your choices as to how you are going to be spending it are vast. You may feel slightly overwhelmed since there are so many fantastic destinations that you and your beloved can visit and activities that you want to do.

How about we narrow down your options? Forget the deluxe hotels and spas. Tiki Mermaid is on hand and can offer you a luxurious boat rental in Marina del Rey California that will put you in the mood for your honeymoon vacation!

If you are looking for a honeymoon surrounded by clear blue waters where you can relax and enjoy in private with the love of your life, then a yacht charter in California may well be the ideal choice for you. Through chartering a boat, you can create a whole new world of your own where you can unwind and get all moony with your beloved.

Chartering a boat also allows you and your beloved to explore islands and tourist spots. It can be a great adventure for both of you, taking photos together in beaches and resorts and partying in an island bar. If you want to scuba dive and see all the wonders under the waters, you can make that possible when you rent a yacht charter!

Wherever you choose to spend your honeymoon, chartering a boat is sure to provide you with a truly memorable adventure because you get to determine how you are going to experience it.

Do you want to rent a private or party boat in California? Contact us today!

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