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Socializing in a Party


Have you been invited as a plus one to a party? Or are you a newbie at work and have to attend the most-awaited party of the year? For sure, these scenarios have made you a bit jittery because you might not know anyone at the party.

The jitters land on a higher level if the party you’re about to attend is going to be held on a yacht, such as our party boat in California! But don’t lose hope. Here are tips on how to socialize at parties where you don’t know anyone:

  • Find the Games Table
    To keep yourself busy, join a game of beer pong, cards, flip cup, or whatever game is available. By playing, you will get to know people, loosen up, and have fun.
  • Find the Other Lone Ranger
    There is always at least another person in the party who also doesn’t know anybody. Team up and start a conversation!
  • Offer to Help the Host
    If there are food trays that need passing around to guests, offer some help and get the chance to do small talk to food takers.
  • Bring Your Friend
    If the guest who invited you told you that you can bring your own plus one, grab the chance and bring a friend.
  • Show Genuine Interest in Those You Meet
    It’s normal to get nervous. But try to genuinely show interest in the people you meet by asking questions, commenting on their outfits, and remembering their names.

We hope that these tips will help you at your next party! If you want to host a yacht party, choose our yacht charter in California.

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