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Choosing the Right Wardrobe for Your Boat Ride


Whether you are out celebrating a big occasion or you simply want to enjoy the sea, a yacht charter in California is sure to make every moment worth remembering. Now that you have planned on your theme, your food and drinks, and other stuff, one essential piece that remains to be organized for you to have your best moments in the boat is your wardrobe.

Your clothing can level up or ruin your supposedly exciting adventure. The best thing is, you can prepare for what you wear in advance, and with the right pieces, you are well on your way to enjoying the trip you have been preparing for.

For women, consider how comfortable you wanted to be on the party boat in California. Aside from packing up your bathing suit— your gorgeous two pieces or an elegant one-piece, pack for other items such as a flowing sundress. This stylish clothing is between a breathable cover-up with the right amount of style.

Protect yourself from the sun with your favorite hat and shades. You can match it with your dress or bathing suit, and your overall look will remain flawless during the ride. For maximum comfort, bring on those non-slip sandals ready to take you anywhere on the boat.

For men, a comfortable long sleeve shirt protects the body from the sun while allowing air to breathe through. Bermuda shorts are a great pair to these sleeve shirts. You can’t go out of style with the right color combination.

With your wardrobe ready, book your boat rental in Marina del Rey California, today. Call TiKi Mermaid for your upcoming adventure.

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