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Seasickness: How to Prevent It from Happening

seasickness-how-to-prevent-it-from-happeningThe sea is one of the best places to explore. It is a magical place to venture in. Aside from the majestic, panoramic view, enjoying the vastness of the sea through cruising also gives you a memorable experience that you can share with your dear ones. Plus, it allows you to connect with nature. However, some people are unaccustomed to the waves and the motion of the water beneath their feet. And this motion can cause seasickness.

Are you one of those people who get seasick often? Well, below are what a provider of boat rental in California suggests to prevent it:

  • Get Enough Sleep.
    Not getting enough sleep and feeling exhausted makes you more susceptible to seasickness or motion sickness (in general). So before you get on a boat, ensure you are well-rested.
  • Eat Up.
    Getting on a boat with an empty stomach can cause dizziness, making you more prone to sea sickness. But remember not to eat too much! Light and bland food like saltine crackers can alleviate and prevent sea sickness.
  • Sip Ginger Ale.
    Ginger effectively reduces nausea and tachygastric activity, making it one of the best natural remedies for sea sickness.
  • Get Some Fresh Air.
    It would be best to get some fresh air if you feel sick while on the water. Fresh air, especially when the wind is blowing on your face, helps with sea sicknesses.

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