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Reasons to Spend Valentine’s Day on a Cruise


Valentine’s Day is coming up! Have you decided what you will be doing or where you will be going on that romantic day? Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day through dining in an elegant restaurant, giving chocolate and flowers, or having a simple getaway together with a loved one. Sure, you and your loved one would be enjoying these things. But here at Tiki Mermaid, a boat rental in Marina del Rey California, we can give you a more intimate way of celebrating the Valentine’s Day! Your Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating with us. If you are not convinced, we’ll give you some fantastic reasons:

  • The spectacular view of marina harbor
    Your opportunity to express your love to your partner is limitless as the vastness of waters in the marina harbor. A special person deserves a special place, right? If you want something spectacular and something that is worth the value, the Marina Del Rey harbor is the best location for you this romantic day. To get aboard, you can hire a yacht charter in California.
  • Luscious foods and drinks
    Of course, the celebration of the love month is never complete without your favorite menu. A great location added with great foods is a great combination of a perfect Valentine’s Day occasion. If you opt to bring your own food, you can do so! Your wining and dining experience will surely be a great one.
  • Elegant amenities
    While on a cruise, you and your loved one can converge satisfyingly with our elegant and luxurious amenities. To make the milieu more romantic, we can personalize the design and theme for you. Seize this unique and dreamy experience in a party boat in California.

Don’t let the cruise set sail without you and your partner! Reserve your cruise ahead of time to celebrate a kind of Valentine experience you will remember for a lifetime!

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