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Reasons to Plan Your Bachelorette Party on a Cruise


As the “big day” quickly approaches, either you or a close friend is getting married soon. As is customary, the bride’s closest friends will be planning one last celebration before marriage. One way to make the bachelorette party extra special is by planning the event on a party boat in California.

Below, we offer several reasons why a bachelorette party cruise is a great fit for your group:

  • Cruising is a Great Value
    In most cases, a boat rental in Marina del Rey California includes everything from board to every meal. Moreover, cruises usually offer event packages and discounts to make the trip more affordable. Some cruise ships may offer other perks as well, such as free Wi-Fi, an unlimited open bar, specialty dining, free shore excursions, and more.
  • Cruising Makes Planning Easier
    One of the many perks of planning an event on a cruise ship is the ease of planning. Unlike booking a venue, a cruise ship offers several amenities and features that make planning a breeze. This includes food, entertainment, and board. In fact, you can also opt to have both the future bride and groom’s celebrations on the same ship for easier planning.
  • Cruising Offers Many Opportunities to Bond
    Additionally, a cruise ship offers several activities that provide plenty of opportunities to bond. Whether you prefer to soak up the sun or relax with a spa day, cruising has many fun-filled and relaxing activities to enjoy with friends and family.

TiKi Mermaid is a well-known yacht charter in California. We offer a unique and brand-new cruising experience that combines our traditional harbor cruise boat with a hipper nightclub and lounge. Plan your bachelorette party with us – give us a call today!

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