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Must-Try Activities in a Harbor Cruise

Must-Try Activities in a Harbor CruiseWith the beautiful harbor of Marina del Rey, everyone would love to spend the special events of their lives at the place. Who wouldn’t? The gorgeous harbor, unique and elegant cruise amenities, and the good food and drinks—no other setting in Marina del Rey presents such a wonderful selection for dining and partying.

Though parties are best spent on cruises, there are also serene activities that you can enjoy. Most people choose a tranquil activity to spend their special occasion, while some prefer uproarious parties while cruising. But it doesn’t matter. Whether you are the type who prefers calm or fun activities for recreation, at Tiki Mermaid, you can enjoy different parties and celebrations that suit your preferences. To help you prepare for your harbor fun in advance, check these must-try activities:

  1. Rooftop party
    Have you ever tried partying in an open space with nothing but the shining blanket of stars and the mysterious night sky above you? Added with drinks, good music, and fun friends, a rooftop party is a must-try if you want to experience a cruise party experience that is enjoyable beyond compare.
  2. Parties for special occasions
    Birthdays, promenades, engagements, and wedding parties are some of the special occasions in a person’s life. Why not spend these events in a unique venue this time? A unique setting will make the occasion even more memorable.
  3. Sunset dinner
    Each sunset reflects the value of time and why people should make each day matter. When you believe how valuable each day is, you can’t help but spend it with the special people in your life. A sunset dinner is a perfect cruise activity for a family bonding or for a date with that special someone.
  4. Private dinner
    This type of cruise activity is typical for lovers who want to have space and privacy. It is a perfect setting for a marriage proposal, or even for a first date. The beautiful harbor can make you feel the love even more.
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