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Little-Known Tips to Make Any Celebration Fun

Little-Known Tips to Make Any Celebration Fun

As a provider of yacht charter in California, we have mastered the art of making our yacht events at Tiki Mermaid ones for the book.

While we follow the most obvious rules for throwing parties, such as making sure to seat the right people with each other, having great food (and booze!), and planning ahead (rarely does a cramped party work unless that’s the thing you’re going for), we’ve discovered that the littlest things can make a huge difference in making any celebration fun. Here are some:

  • The timing can be everything
    This means giving your guests ample time to prepare and clear out their schedule for your party, especially since it’s being held in a party boat in California and not just your regular venue.
  • Pick a theme
    Having a theme makes everything easier—it makes picking out outfits quicker and gives your guests an idea of what to expect. A theme can also spice up your party as it gives you concepts to work with.
  • Make sure the music’s right
    It isn’t enough to have music on board; you also need to play the right tunes. Match the type of party and the partygoers to the right genre of music. If it’s a corporate dinner party, subdued music usually makes for a great pick. If it’s a birthday party, the celebrant’s preference must be prioritized.
  • Be generous on supplies
    Nothing spells party bummer than running out of food, drinks, and other supplies. You can still recycle, give them away, or pack them back home should there be a little leftover. This also beats turning your boat rental in Marina del Rey California back to the shore to get additional supplies.
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