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Ensure These Must-Haves for Your Yacht Party

Ensure These Must-Haves for Your Yacht Party

So, you’ve prepared to host a yacht party for a long-overdue get-together—as providers of yacht charter in California ourselves, we’re sure it wasn’t the easiest. But we also know how satisfying it is to host a party that will be one for the books.

Make sure your hard work pays off by having all the necessities you, as well as your guests, need. After all, it only takes a small accident, a bad case of sunburn or a soaking phone, to dampen your guests’ mood. Avoid this by reminding everyone of the items they shouldn’t forget to bring on your yacht party. Here’s a list:

  • Sunscreen
    Whether it’s sunny or not, the rays of the sun are not blocked by the clouds even on overcast days, so using sunscreen is non-negotiable.
  • A scarf or a light sweater or cardigan cover-up
    It can get chilly abound our Tiki Mermaid yacht, especially around dusk, so it’s always good to have something to cover you up.
  • Travel Insurance
    Travel insurance is a must when traveling. While you can’t control accidents, you can, at least, prepare for the potential expenses this will cost you.
  • Waterproof bag
    Nothing ruins a party boat in California like getting your things wet, so, make sure to wet proof everything. If you can’t get your hands on a waterproof bag, you may seal them in a tight waterproof, zip-locked bag instead.
  • Boat shoes
    Boat shoes are specially made for a boat rental in Marina del Rey California, providing you that much-needed grip on a wet deck and that water-repelling action. No boat shoes? Don’t worry, any sensible footwear and being just a bit careful will do, too.
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