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Christmas Party on a Cruise – Why Not?

Christmas Party on a Cruise – Why Not

Christmas is the most awaited holiday and the most festive season of the year. By this time, you may be hearing Christmas songs and Christmas carols everywhere. There may also be dancing Christmas lights that are so vivacious to see. Isn’t that wonderful? It is no doubt that everyone loves to party during Christmas and, we, at Tiki Mermaid, are no exception. We are a boat rental in Marina del Rey California that can give you a unique way of celebrating the season.

Normally, we celebrate Christmas at home exchanging Christmas gifts, sharing a bottle of wine, eating delectable foods, and sitting around the fire sharing stories together with family. These are a commonplace tradition. If you are looking for something new and exuberant, why not try a Christmas party on a cruise this time? With the topnotch cuisine selection topped with an impressive beverage, we are definitely not a typical yacht charter in California. Apart from that, the beauty of the marina harbor will surely make a lasting impression. You can tour around the harbor with nothing to worry about because everything you need is all settled – foods, table, lounge, music, and beverage, to name a few. Above all, our cruise allows you to experience gorgeous sights around the marina harbor with your family beside you in this special Christmas holiday.

It’s never too early to start planning for your Christmas party. Let a party boat in California offer you the best party you can ever have. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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