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A Perfect Venue to Make Your Special Occasion Memorable

Birthday, promenade, engagement, wedding anniversaries, and grand family reunion are some of the special occasions in our lives that we want to celebrate and cherish. From the setting, decorations, foods, and drinks, we want only the best. How can you best spend a special occasion to make sure that it will be such a memorable … Continue reading

Must-Try Activities in a Harbor Cruise

With the beautiful harbor of Marina del Rey, everyone would love to spend the special events of their lives at the place. Who wouldn’t? The gorgeous harbor, unique and elegant cruise amenities, and the good food and drinks—no other setting in Marina del Rey presents such a wonderful selection for dining and partying. Though parties … Continue reading

Make the Best Out of Your Cruising Experience

When it comes to seas, everyone just loves it. There’s something delightful and soothing about the chilly wind and the way the water drifts that make you love everything about being on the water. You can have a beautiful sunshine in the morning that makes you appreciate each day. And in the evening, you can … Continue reading

Savor the Moment at the Gorgeous Harbor of Marina del Rey

Whether it’s a small party, a private dining, or an alfresco, gathering with friends to unwind from the stressful hustles, Tiki Mermaid can make the most important event of your life a memorable and delightful one while cruising across the gorgeous harbor of Marina del Rey county in California. Tiki Mermaid offers boat rental services … Continue reading

Why Marina del Rey Is the Best Place to Visit in Los Angeles

Famous for its beach-style homes, beautiful harbor, the beach itself, and the Marina Peninsula – Marina del Rey proves to be the best place to visit in Los Angeles, especially for people who wants to commune with the beauty of the waters and the captivating harbor. Marina del Rey is located in Los Angeles country … Continue reading