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Sailing to Success—Teambuilding Activities Onboard

Team building activities bring employees together by promoting collaboration, creativity, and teamwork. Constructive and fun activities that help your workforce bond and mingle with each other in a different light enable them to connect and collaborate in a different environment and a better perspective. Team building with your employees promotes communication, inspires creativity, builds trust, … Continue reading

A Perfect Summer Office Onboard Our Luxe Yachts

What’s summer in LA without an ocean view? Take your summer office party to a higher level with an incredible sunset cruise in a party boat in California. Plan an office get-together in a luxurious cruise and experience an extraordinary vibe where the ocean and the breeze are just as part of your event as … Continue reading

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Reasons to Spend Valentine’s Day on a Cruise

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Have you decided what you will be doing or where you will be going on that romantic day? Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day through dining in an elegant restaurant, giving chocolate and flowers, or having a simple getaway together with a loved one. Sure, you and your loved one would … Continue reading

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Feel the Love in a Luxurious Cruise

Love is in the air! Perhaps, you are now thinking about what to do or how you can treat your special someone this love month. Or, maybe, you are searching for a great setting to propose to your long-time partner. No matter how long you’ve been together with your partner or how well you have … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Benefits of Sunset Cruise

The fresh air, the sounds of the drifting water, the tranquil sunset view – it is no wonder why many people love the sunset cruise. Sunset views console our mind and soul, would you agree? In fact, sunsets provide therapeutic benefits as effective as other therapeutic regimens. If you want to experience these benefits, Tiki … Continue reading

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New Year, New Experience

Even before the year 2018 ends, many of us already have the same question in mind — “Where to celebrate the New Year?” New Year is one of the many holidays that bring excitement to many people, not only because we can now have the time to set and accomplish our new year’s resolutions but … Continue reading

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