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A Unique Place for Banquets

A Unique Place for Banquets

Banquets are special events for celebrations and formal gatherings including training sessions and formal business dinners. If you are looking for a unique banquet setting, you can’t go wrong with a cruise. The tranquil seascape, delectable foods and drinks, and elegant yacht amenities are some reasons why banquets are best spent on a cruise. Tiki Mermaid is a yacht charter in California, which can prove to you why.

  1. The beautiful harbor
    Who wouldn’t want a stunning view while enjoying banquets? While you are conversing with friends, you can have a unique spectacle around you – the gorgeous harbor of Marina del Rey. Experience the harbor and you’ll be left in wonderment! Tiki Mermaid, a boat rental in Marina del Rey California, can cruise you around the harbor. It will be a memorable and one-of-a-kind banquet cruise experience.

  2. The luscious foods and drinks
    Foods are the main highlight of a banquet. Tiki Mermaid is a party boat in California that brings you good foods and drinks that will truly satisfy you. We serve the good foods and drinks. Exotic cocktails, Heineken, or champagnes, name all your favorite house and premium brands – you can have it all while on a cruise. You can even enjoy the unlimited bar with good music that suits your theme.

  3. The elegant amenities
    Amenities add vibrancy and grace to your banquet cruise. While on a cruise, you can converge together on a luxurious banquet hall and sumptuous lounge added with modern and elegant decors. Depending on your theme, we can personalize the designs to satisfy you and your guests even more. Tiki Mermaid has got it all for your unique banquet cruise. Experience it to believe it!

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